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The single pair of intense plasma zones over the Pacific Ocean is not associated with thunderstorm activity, Immel said, but could be a sign that the ionosphere disturbances somehow propagate around the Earth. Stern -- Ice ages and glaciations / Micah L. I started this website in 1999 to share ideas with Earth Science teachers. Interactive Water Cycle -Click on the various parts of this interactive to learn more about all of the processes that are involved in the water cycle.

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Any large mass of earth tends to maintain a constant temperature. You can see for yourself how this works by testing how long it takes for a thermometer buried in sand or soil to reach the temperature of surrounding air. Fossil fuels play an important role in allowing us to have lifestyles we’re accustomed to, but they do emit carbon dioxide, and we all want to be good stewards of our resources ref.: It was soon discovered that the radio waves not only bounced off such solid objects but also echoed back from such elemental events as rain storms. Operational, meteorological (weather monitoring) radar in the form of a national radar grid was first authorized in the US in the mid 1950s. 31 , e.g. The mesosphere starts at 31 miles (50 km) and extends to 53 miles (85 km) high. The top of the mesosphere, called the mesopause, is the coldest part of Earth's atmosphere with temperatures averaging about minus 130 degrees F (minus 90 C). Jets and balloons don't go high enough, and satellites and space shuttles orbit too high. Scientists do know that meteors burn up in this layer download. Engineering geology is a version of soil science adapted to the initial investigation of construction sites and the design of foundations and earth retaining structures such as dams Resources for teachers and students to complement Glencoe's Earth Science textbook. Earth Science Worksheets, Earth Science Worksheet, Free Earth Science Worksheets, Earth Science Worksheets for TEENs, Earth Science Printables, Earth Science Activities , e.g. Science process skills are central in each standard. Good science encourages students to gain knowledge by doing science: observing, questioning, exploring, making and testing hypotheses, comparing predictions, evaluating data, and communicating conclusions

Study the size and frequency of waves at a beach. Use Mohs hardness scale to test different rocks. Research what your country looked like a millions of years ago and how the movement of tectonic plates has affected this. Study the locations of volcanoes on Earth. What effects might prolonged global warming have on Earth You can always find out the latest information on hurricanes at the website of the National Hurricane Center which tracks and forecasts hurricanes. Hurricanes are among the most common and most destructive types of natural hazards on Earth. Because they occur across space and time, hurricanes can be better understood using maps, particularly digital maps within a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) environment
The materials in this chapter introduce and cover oceans. It is organized into sections that teach, reinforce and test students on the concepts of ocean water, currents and ocean basins Now locate 4°C on the horizontal or wet-bulb depression axis pdf. They include weather balloons, satellites, and radar. You can read about them in Figure below. Weather stations collect data on land and sea A similar pattern is seen farther north and south, where temperate rainforests exist at about 60 degrees latitude, reflecting the rising air in that region. The air sinks at the poles and is warmed somewhat but is still very cold and dry NASA is completing the development and launch of a set of Foundational missions, new Decadal Survey missions, and Climate Continuity missions. The Foundational missions are those missions in development at the time the decadal survey was published and include: Earth Venture, also a recommendation of the decadal survey, consists of low cost, competed suborbital and orbital missions as well as instruments for Missions of Opportunity download. By combining and analyzing the data collected by the extra-sensitive seismometers, however, the researchers were able to tease out the S wave signals. The waves originated from a North Atlantic cyclone, the researchers found. That storm actually produced two types of S waves. SV waves shift material vertically relative to Earth’s surface and can form from P waves. SH waves shift material horizontally and their origins are more of a mystery download. Formulate and justify your own opinion about a controversial current issue such as the safety of nuclear power, or methods of waste disposal , e.g. The final slide acts as a quiz, testing understanding. Reading Weather Maps - In the sections that follow, students will examine features to look for on weather maps to make a forecasts, general methods of preparing a forecast, and more specific tips for specific scenarios. A false-color composite image of ultraviolet light from two plasma bands in the ionosphere encircling the Earth over the equator
Most asteroids orbit between Mars and Jupiter. Asteroid number=Asteroids are assigned a serial number when they are discovered; it has no particular meaning except that asteroid N+1 was discovered after asteroid N. Asteroid=One of the many small celestial bodies in orbit around the Sun. Most asteroids orbit between Mars and Jupiter. Cavern=An underground cavity or series of chambers created when groundwater dissolves large amounts of rock, usually limestone. (syn: cave) Celestial sphere=An imaginary sphere around the Earth that all the stars and planets are placed on Much of southern Canada, Russia, and parts of central Asia would fall into this category download. The Earth’s weather patterns, which consist of different conditions of temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind, air pressure, etc., result in various climate zones across the globe online. At the top I had a sign "At Home in the Rainforest". Colorful plastic canvas magnets toucans, monkeys, parrots, frogs were put around the window , source: A chart form of the climate controls, with two columns, temperature and precipitation, is an organized, more concrete way for students to learn the material. I use a copyrighted handout that lists the controls for both temperature and precipitation, then asks questions that review the concept, then applies it to an imaginary continent. A traditional and effective way to involve students with the climate controls A note about the Ultimate Science Curriculum DVDs: The Ultimate Science Curriculum DVDs contain the curriculum organized into a PDF document that are also located on the DVD. You may print out the worksheets for each experiment as you go along. The DVDs also contain instructional step-by-step videos that show exactly how to perform the experiments in the included workbook pdf. Elements heavier than carbon are formed only in more massive stars and only during a brief period near the end of their lifetime. A different type of fusion is necessary to form elements heavier than iron , e.g. I am adding a great post by Doodles and Jots about Clouds. She has cloud photos, cloud types diagram, & companion art project , source: This is why precipitation associated with warm fronts is, generally speaking, of a long duration. And especially during the winter months, the cold air that a warm front is attempting to displace is often heavy and dense and is stubborn to dislodge During the night, the land will cool down faster than the ocean and the opposite will occur. Warm air over the water will rise and cool air from the land, called a "land breeze", will blow out to the ocean. Land formations such as mountains, valleys, lakes, and deserts can also effect the local wind conditions. Wind is a great source of renewable energy , cited: Use the formula below to calculate the relative humidity from these readings. It is taken from the equations in the Earth Science Reference Tables. Weather is the condition of the atmosphere over a short period of time; climate is the average course of weather conditions for a particular location over a period of many years , cited:

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